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Cynthia's Story

Cynthia Simons is the Grant me the Wisdom Foundation Women’s Fellow for The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. She had had a passion for civil rights stemming back to age of 15 years old when she graduated high school early in high hopes of pursuing a law degree. Cynthia learned early in life that sometimes you must choose between thriving and surviving. The community lacked resources for a single mother, and after a decade of surviving, Cynthia became entangled with substance abuse disorder and the justice system.

Today Cynthia advocates for women’s justice and is a champion for family reunification. Cynthia has a one year old that she is a loving and dedicated mother to but struggles with access to her other two children due to her background. Cynthia is often plagued with the burden of not being able to access safe and stable housing, limited employment opportunities, limited access to higher education, and not being able to pursue her dream of practicing law here in the state of Texas.

Clean Slate would lift these barriers for Cynthia and give her an equal playing field instead of a lifetime sentence of collateral consequences that she must live with and, by extension, become consequences of her children. Clean Slate would allow Cynthia the ability to provide for her children and fulfill her destiny.

Why We Need Clean Slate

Douglas Smith, with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, outlines what the Clean Slate Texas initiative is and what it will do, and the video also weaves in personal stories of people affected.

More stories coming soon!