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Fighting for Texans' right to clean slate

Who We Are


We are a coalition of community and advocacy organizations, business and faith leaders, directly impacted people and families dedicated to expanding access to criminal record sealing so that people with justice involvement can get housing, employment, education and more without facing a lifetime of discrimination.

Picture of a gavel resting on a block with the scales of justice in the background


The rules governing who has access to record sealing (aka nondisclosure) are complicated and exclusionary.

Learn More About the Problem

Person filling out a petition for a nondisclosure


Even for those eligible for criminal record nondisclosure, it's not easy to apply or receive relief.

Learn More About the Problem


Following decades of overcriminalization, between 70 million and 100 million Americans—1 in 3—now have some type of criminal record.


Introducing Clean Slate:

Policies with bipartisan support across the country to reduce barriers to housing, employment, education and more for people with criminal records



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